Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I am linking up with In This Wonderful Life and seeing if I will start this new thing possibly so I will write more.

- Since today is Wednesday, its Wing Wednesday for me and Chad today at Pizza Hut. It is a weekly tradition to get wings always today because they are on sale on Wednesdays. I prefer their wings over any because they are breaded and love their sauce.

- This past weekend Chad and I went home to be in our friends wedding and it was great, the bride was beautiful and we had a blast.

- But because I ran around to help make the day as special as possible for the bride and groom (Matron oh Honor duty!), I regretted it on Monday and Tuesday. Monday, my body physically ached and Tuesday I slept in after I got back from work at 9am until 2pm. I don't know if it was a mixture of working, the wedding, and taking pictures or what but I feel better today.

- We also did a photo shoot at Chad's house on Saturday after the wedding. I had scored 7 dresses from Maurices Friday for $13 a piece and I was happy because I needed them so I thought I mys well make my wedding hair and makeup worth it and asked Chad's dad to take our pictures around their house and I love how they turned out.

- Tomorrow, I am heading back home to go with my mom to take my two little cousins to Dollywood on Friday, I can't wait!


Working on it


  1. You know, I am obsessed with PH pizza but have never tried their wings. I just may have to get them in one of those big boxes next time!

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Yeah, they are amazing! I like their pizza too, but my husband doesn't so we hardly ever get it.