Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midweek Randoms

I am linking up with In This Wonderful Life and seeing if I will start this new thing possibly so I will write more.

- Since today is Wednesday, its Wing Wednesday for me and Chad today at Pizza Hut. It is a weekly tradition to get wings always today because they are on sale on Wednesdays. I prefer their wings over any because they are breaded and love their sauce.

- This past weekend Chad and I went home to be in our friends wedding and it was great, the bride was beautiful and we had a blast.

- But because I ran around to help make the day as special as possible for the bride and groom (Matron oh Honor duty!), I regretted it on Monday and Tuesday. Monday, my body physically ached and Tuesday I slept in after I got back from work at 9am until 2pm. I don't know if it was a mixture of working, the wedding, and taking pictures or what but I feel better today.

- We also did a photo shoot at Chad's house on Saturday after the wedding. I had scored 7 dresses from Maurices Friday for $13 a piece and I was happy because I needed them so I thought I mys well make my wedding hair and makeup worth it and asked Chad's dad to take our pictures around their house and I love how they turned out.

- Tomorrow, I am heading back home to go with my mom to take my two little cousins to Dollywood on Friday, I can't wait!


Working on it

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm feeling 22?? hmm whatever!

Today is my 22nd birthday and I do think that I might feel a little different, but maybe that just has to do with the Taylor Swift song (that I don't even really like to be honest). But anyways, I thought I would share 22 things about me, mostly some you probably don't know.

1. These two people, my mom and Carl came to surprise me today for my birthday! They didn't even work the plan out together, but it worked out perfectly. They have gotten me where I am at in life today and appreciate them very much. 

2. I am an only child, but was raised in daycares. I think it helped me a ton in life and know I want my kids to have the same. 

3. I think the world of my friends and would do anything for any of them. And sometimes overthink friendships because of it. 

4. My favorite food is Chicken Fingers. I joke that that is why I knew Chad was the one because he likes them too and does them the same way I do. 

5. My favorite place to eat is a three way tie between Krystals, Mr.Gattis, & Sonny's.

6. When I was little I wanted to be a Librarian.

7. I also grew up in a single mom household, but once again I am glad I did it has taught me a lot about laugh that I do not think I would have learned otherwise.  

8. Carl, the guy above has pretty much been a dad to me. He has been the guy I could talk to about anything and just listen and sometimes that is all you need. 

9. Mountain Dew and Kit Kats use to be my thing, until recently now I am trying to kick them and drink water instead. 

10. My marriage role models include the people in our sunday schools as well as my aunt and uncle. I think they all have really shown me what it means to have a Godly marriage. 

11. My little cousins: Cali & Tyler are more like my little brother and sister to me. I cherish them dearly and love them tons. 

12. I have 3 tattoos: Clover, Daisy, and a Bow

13. I love learning things as a student and love going to college. But I am pretty sure all my social work friends know that about me. 

14. People think I am smart because I do things earlier, but the truth is I make average grades and only do stuff about 3-4 days its due before. 

15. I am super organized. 

16. I worry about things and others a lot. 

17. I love going to peddlers malls, yard sales, and antique stores. Chad hates it. I have a feeling I will get worse after we get a house. 

18. I have lived in an apartment my whole life. 

19. I love to go fishing and have bonfires.

20. I knew Chad before he really knew me. I had a crush on him for a good while before we actually were introduced.

21. I love board games.

22. I love taking pictures. 



Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What have I learned after 2 years

A few seconds ago I posted what Chad and I did yesterday for our anniversary, but now I wanna post what I have learned after being married for 2 years. 

I have learned to lean on Chad more than I thought I would before. He really is my best friend. This past year has been really hard and crazy hectic with school and friendships for me, and time and time again Chad has been there when I was feeling down. He has taught me to smile no matter what. And I believe this is why this year has been a little harder for me because God was trying to show me how much I mean to Chad and that he really will do anything for me! 

I also know he will do anything for me, because he really does! He takes responsibility to clean the house with me, to cook with me or for me, and just listens to me rant about something he really could care less about. He also helped me last year through the whole month with the hairline fracture, which was the worse thing ever to me. I know I can count on him.

He's the first person I wanna hang out with, but I am also glad we have gained friends at church that we can relate to about being married. As well as other married friends. That has been another hard thing for me to deal with is having understanding friends really understand what it means to be married. It means I will choose him to be with it over you. Sorry, but he was here first and will always be here. Plus sometimes I just have more fun with him to be honest, I mean why else would I have married him?


mrs. leigh

Happy Us.

Yesterday was Chad and I's anniversary, 2 years and I must say yesterday was pretty awesome! It all started with Chad going to class and I ended up going shopping with my birthday money (yep my birthday is sunday). I was trying to find a little boutique called DSP studio, at first I could not find it because downtown is very hard to get around in so I continued to run some of the other errands I had to do, which included side trips to Rue 21, Deb, and TJ Maxx (no finds in any of them) and then back home to check directions again. Finally found DSP after my 2nd go and I fell in love, it was a cute little store with cute clothes and amazing jewelry.
 here are my finds from DSP.

then I headed off to Walmart to give it one last go for a shirt I might wear for last night. and as usual, I had Success! And only $3! Chad was impressed! He does not see the point of girls spending money on clothes, makeup, jewelry, or purses but I always think its funny to show him that hey I could be worse I don't spend a lot of money on that stuff to begin with and thats what makes my purchases feel like they are okay, especially if it is with my money.

After I got back from shopping, Chad had returned from class and we decided to go to Hall's on the River, which is a restaurant on the river! It was nice and the food was pretty good, but we learned to stick with the basics of food instead of trying to go all out just because it's our anniversary. Hall's even ended up giving us a free dessert to celebrate! and it was amazing! 

Afterwards we ended up stopping by Bdubs to hangout with some friends that were celebrating birthdays this week. Including mine! 3 of us have the same birthday, June 9th! so its pretty awesome and we had a good time there. 

Here is a pic we took at home when we got back. The pic I am holding is from our first year and the pic I was holding there was from our wedding day. 

Here is Chad at Hall's. The love of my life, has been with me for almost 4 years and makes me laugh most of the time. But also listens to me cry and loves me through  both happy and sad and many more. He's my bff for life and I don't know where I would be without him. Here's to 100 more babe.