Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Sorry for the delay, I had contemplated on whether I should post today or not because I do not know what to say, but here goes nothing. 

- Dollywood last week was amazing! One cousin, the youngest only went but she did so good I cannot wait to do something like that again. There were only a few times she would get a little fussy but not bad at all and other times when she was just being a kid, I do not know how I will be able to parent at times in certain situations when that time comes. 

- Chad is done with summer classes, so we are trying to read two books together before school starts back: Total Money Makeover & Real Marriage.. I love books about marriage and learning how to manage money. And Chad also did super good in his summer classes, we still need to celebrate. 

- I believe we are going to visit family tomorrow up through the weekend for the 4th, we have plans to visit friends and to see their baby on Friday which we haven't got to meet yet because of how crazy school is, she is 3 months now. And Saturday, going to a park event to see fireworks maybe. 

- We also might try Firehouse Subs at home as well as a pottery place possibly, I love our new little city we are living in right now, but there is also things I just love about my hometown but sadly I do not see it going anywhere fast as far as business wise for careers, especially for Chad wanting to be a teacher. 

- And possibly have my internship placement for fall, but have not heard any email back from the contact person so fingers crossed. 



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