Monday, July 16, 2012

i love penguins!

the moment after my foot started healing enough to wear I could wear shoes again, I knew flip flops were a no no. Yes, I'll admit I still wear them from time to time because they are so easy to put on and quick, but only when I am going on quick trips. Nothing else! It still kills my foot to put that much pressure on it. 

I knew if I was going to have to wear shoes they would have to be cute and comfortable. The moment I saw this post The Grant Life - Faux Toms Refashion I feel in love! especially with the price! $10 at Big Lots!

this is what I came up with. The Grant Life used Painter's Markers for hers, but the painter's markers I chose were too dark for the shoe. So I drew an outline of a penguin with the marker then went over it with acrylic paint. I drew the penguin outline by printing off a penguin on a piece of paper then cutting it out, and tracing it. The rest was free hand. 

 These two numbers are significant to me and Chad. 

 The "16" for the date me and Chad started dating way back when, October 16, 2009.

 The "4" for the day we got married, June 4, 2011.

the girl penguin. up close. 

 the guy penguin up close.

 penguin lover

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

watch what you do... you're being watched

today in Sunday school we talked about how when God asks you to take on a certain role how great it is to have a support team behind you cheering you on as well as along with God. It got me thinking about all the things Chad has supported me through life, especially by just telling me to listen to my heart when I did not know what to do. Sometimes just sitting there and being patience is all you need to do. 

Many of the times, I have gotten my answers from God about what I should be doing from speakers at church, praying, or reading the word. 

When I figured out what God wanted me to do with my life, it was in all these forms. 

Especially in church. It kept hitting me little and little until Sunday rolled around and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like God saying here's a sign, here's a sign... HERE'S A SIGN!

and I just want to thank the people of the church, letting God speak through them time and time again. I know many of the times we feel like no one is listening or watching. But when you think people aren't, that is when they are. 

Acting nice towards others I think in a way is supporting them as well. Saying I believe in you and want to make your day better so you'll do better says a lot.


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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marvel > Mike

Today's agenda included seeing the new Spiderman movie along with a walk into PetSmart and Hastings. I do not like to see movies on the big screen much, because I find them wayy too costly just to see a movie. I love movies, but not enough to pay $10 for just me. I love the drive in more. (my dream is to own one when I retire) 

but anyways, 

Spiderman was awesome! I love Marvel movies. Every single one of them! I also love my husband for being a total nerd and being into them more than I am. When I was younger I wanted to go see movies like these all the time, but no I always got dragged to go to chick flicks with friends. Don't get me wrong I love chick flicks from time to time... but nowadays not so much. 

Now that I have seen what I have been missing when it comes to action movies! and I think Hollywood has caught on that men are dragged to chick flicks, because you see way too many boob shots! I'm getting sick of it! 

No wonder we are wired the way we are, women and men. Watch a genre that was created for men (especially those movies that are just stupid, funny) than watch one for women (mushy gushy), total opposite.

I just hope people do not get hung up on movies, because marriage is not like the movies. Its different. Its better. 

 in love with my marvelous man 

ttyl-ut- stuntman 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

home is small, but its ours!

my first ever DIY post! I love thinking that one day this blog will feature DIY posts more when me and my husband get our home! I love making crafts and decorating as well as reading and dreaming about doing these things. 

Currently, we live on campus, in a campus apartment, its small and old but I love it. Its cheap, and on campus so we do not have to drive to school or work because we live on campus and work on campus as well. I love the community feel campus has and being able to enjoy friends over in seconds! And yes I still have sleepovers! 

At first, we put posters on the walls for decorations because bricks are not necessarily nail friendly, but my friend introduced me to command strips a few months ago and I finally tried them... so far everything has stayed up since day one (fingers crossed). (now I'll let you know how they come down when I take them down) 

But anyways... I was inspired HowDoesShe to do this project! 

This project cost only 8 bucks and chances are a lot less if you have some of this stuff in your house. I bought picture frames from Wal-mart along with stickers. I already had construction paper and instead of scrapbook letters I wrote my husband's and he wrote mine. 

Seemed more sentimental to me than. Even if he can't draw the greatest, (he thinks, not me) I still love it!

These are my boards, and both are dry erase. My husband can write me little notes in both, as well as I can write myself little to-do lists (like I did). I love farm life so that is why I chose the stickers. 

As for my husband's I wrote fancier because I love doodling! and he loves to hunt! 


Young Love 

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