Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What have I learned after 2 years

A few seconds ago I posted what Chad and I did yesterday for our anniversary, but now I wanna post what I have learned after being married for 2 years. 

I have learned to lean on Chad more than I thought I would before. He really is my best friend. This past year has been really hard and crazy hectic with school and friendships for me, and time and time again Chad has been there when I was feeling down. He has taught me to smile no matter what. And I believe this is why this year has been a little harder for me because God was trying to show me how much I mean to Chad and that he really will do anything for me! 

I also know he will do anything for me, because he really does! He takes responsibility to clean the house with me, to cook with me or for me, and just listens to me rant about something he really could care less about. He also helped me last year through the whole month with the hairline fracture, which was the worse thing ever to me. I know I can count on him.

He's the first person I wanna hang out with, but I am also glad we have gained friends at church that we can relate to about being married. As well as other married friends. That has been another hard thing for me to deal with is having understanding friends really understand what it means to be married. It means I will choose him to be with it over you. Sorry, but he was here first and will always be here. Plus sometimes I just have more fun with him to be honest, I mean why else would I have married him?


mrs. leigh

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