Monday, July 16, 2012

i love penguins!

the moment after my foot started healing enough to wear I could wear shoes again, I knew flip flops were a no no. Yes, I'll admit I still wear them from time to time because they are so easy to put on and quick, but only when I am going on quick trips. Nothing else! It still kills my foot to put that much pressure on it. 

I knew if I was going to have to wear shoes they would have to be cute and comfortable. The moment I saw this post The Grant Life - Faux Toms Refashion I feel in love! especially with the price! $10 at Big Lots!

this is what I came up with. The Grant Life used Painter's Markers for hers, but the painter's markers I chose were too dark for the shoe. So I drew an outline of a penguin with the marker then went over it with acrylic paint. I drew the penguin outline by printing off a penguin on a piece of paper then cutting it out, and tracing it. The rest was free hand. 

 These two numbers are significant to me and Chad. 

 The "16" for the date me and Chad started dating way back when, October 16, 2009.

 The "4" for the day we got married, June 4, 2011.

the girl penguin. up close. 

 the guy penguin up close.

 penguin lover

ttyl-ut-cheap n comfortable

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