Saturday, July 7, 2012

Marvel > Mike

Today's agenda included seeing the new Spiderman movie along with a walk into PetSmart and Hastings. I do not like to see movies on the big screen much, because I find them wayy too costly just to see a movie. I love movies, but not enough to pay $10 for just me. I love the drive in more. (my dream is to own one when I retire) 

but anyways, 

Spiderman was awesome! I love Marvel movies. Every single one of them! I also love my husband for being a total nerd and being into them more than I am. When I was younger I wanted to go see movies like these all the time, but no I always got dragged to go to chick flicks with friends. Don't get me wrong I love chick flicks from time to time... but nowadays not so much. 

Now that I have seen what I have been missing when it comes to action movies! and I think Hollywood has caught on that men are dragged to chick flicks, because you see way too many boob shots! I'm getting sick of it! 

No wonder we are wired the way we are, women and men. Watch a genre that was created for men (especially those movies that are just stupid, funny) than watch one for women (mushy gushy), total opposite.

I just hope people do not get hung up on movies, because marriage is not like the movies. Its different. Its better. 

 in love with my marvelous man 

ttyl-ut- stuntman 

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