Tuesday, July 3, 2012

home is small, but its ours!

my first ever DIY post! I love thinking that one day this blog will feature DIY posts more when me and my husband get our home! I love making crafts and decorating as well as reading and dreaming about doing these things. 

Currently, we live on campus, in a campus apartment, its small and old but I love it. Its cheap, and on campus so we do not have to drive to school or work because we live on campus and work on campus as well. I love the community feel campus has and being able to enjoy friends over in seconds! And yes I still have sleepovers! 

At first, we put posters on the walls for decorations because bricks are not necessarily nail friendly, but my friend introduced me to command strips a few months ago and I finally tried them... so far everything has stayed up since day one (fingers crossed). (now I'll let you know how they come down when I take them down) 

But anyways... I was inspired HowDoesShe to do this project! 

This project cost only 8 bucks and chances are a lot less if you have some of this stuff in your house. I bought picture frames from Wal-mart along with stickers. I already had construction paper and instead of scrapbook letters I wrote my husband's and he wrote mine. 

Seemed more sentimental to me than. Even if he can't draw the greatest, (he thinks, not me) I still love it!

These are my boards, and both are dry erase. My husband can write me little notes in both, as well as I can write myself little to-do lists (like I did). I love farm life so that is why I chose the stickers. 

As for my husband's I wrote fancier because I love doodling! and he loves to hunt! 


Young Love 

ttyl-ut-home sweet home 

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