Monday, July 8, 2013

A Wedding Without Pinterest

I got the idea to post a little about my wedding day from the Frill of Life. 

I often joke from time to time that I would have liked to have seen what my wedding would have been like if Pinterest had been around then. Pinterest came out a few months after my wedding, and to say I was a little upset is an understatement, especially when it comes to the photography ideas on there for weddings (remember I am a picture freak!). I still plan on renewing our vows down the road so maybe then we can use a few of those ideas.

Anyways, Chad and I got married in 2011, a year after us coming to a big university, the parents were not too happy about the thought of us getting married young because of financial resources not being abundant, but in some ways being married in college has helped us save money (ex. dorm fees). We wanted to get married then and knew if we waited we were only making others happy, not us.

To make sure there were no financial burdens I would later regret if I spent a ton of money on this wedding, I did some research and digging on a lot of things that were in my wedding in order to make it cheaper.

First, I made my wedding invitations with the help of a friend. And another friend helped me tie those bows one by one onto the invitations. (Thanks Neale & Kristen)

Then, my wedding dress, I found it on the clearance rack and it was actually 2 sizes too small, but the sales associates assured me it could be taken out to fit so I bought for $100. The bridesmaids wore black dresses they already had & fixed their own hair as well.

Chad’s tux was rented and we decided that we would get the basic tux rental for $65 and I still to do this day am in love with him in this tux. The groomsmen wore black slacks and white button ups that they already had and I bought them ties on amazon for $5.

The venue was the hardest to find because I wanted an outdoor wedding and not a popular location, my mom found the Natural Arch about 30 minutes away. And for $50 for the shelter area and the amptheatre it too was a steal!

The decorations and flowers that we had were bought by my mom and Chad’s mom and dad so I have no idea how much those really cost. But, I know they were cheaper than usual because Chad’s dad worked at the flower shop.

The cake, photography, my hair, and the music were all done by friends as gifts, but we did tip them. (Thanks Courtney, Laura, Jamie, & Jeff)

After all is said and done, I do not regret not having some things at my wedding in order to make it cheaper, I had everything I wanted and more there. And I realized I had a great group of friends and family that loved me and Chad to make this wedding happen and to make it great.

Tomorrow I will talk about wedding details on the day of and then Thursday I will talk about our Honeymoon.



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  1. How fun! What a great story. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, as is the venue. Looks like a success to me! Thanks for the link :)