Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Midweek Randoms

* My car is messing up, it has been for awhile now. It keeps having the battery light come on for like 5 seconds then back off, we thought it was fixed but it came back on yesterday so my dad came down today to look at it, and hopefully it is fixed. We also went to eat at Sonny's.

* This past weekend Chad & I went home, we hung out with some of his friends on Thursday and we had a good time. The funny thing is I use to go to school with the friends and we never really talked so I just found it odd.

* Thursday we also went and seen my grandpa and grandma. Also ran by and seen my aunt, uncle, & cousins for a few minutes (can’t go home without seeing them).

(chad working on my car this morning)

* Friday afternoon, we went bowling and out to eat with my friend Erika and her boyfriend and had a good time as well. And Friday night we hung out with Laura and Brendan and I got to finally see their new little girl Madison (She’s 3 months old now, school gets in the way of life).

* Saturday and Sunday we hung out with Chad’s family and played a few card games.

* This week has just been work and relaxing and we plan to do the same this weekend. We might actually go somewhere, but were not positive yet. This past Monday I learned how to drive a stick shift for a little bit, Chad taught me. We also have been looking at houses on the net just dreaming about when that time comes.

* Hopefully next week I will be able to get an interview with my internship for the fall, I got an email for possible dates but cannot pick yet because I have not got next weeks work schedule.



  1. You are blessed to have a man who can fix a car. Count the blessings, they do add up

    1. thanks, he hates my car though we have been working on the same problem all summer pretty much