Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pinterest Lover, Sims 3 Player, Secret Dance Routines in the Living Room

The title is just about some of the things I love to do when I have a moment to myself to unwind and do not have mountains of homework to do. I also love to watch HGTV and different shows that Chad says he will never watch (even though I have talked him into it a few times). We all need our own time to ourselves to unwind, to do whatever we want because it helps keeps us sane. I get that, but most people don't or do to a certain extent.. but not when it comes to this... 

Yes the video gaming thing that man crave at some point in their lives. Yes, I am so going there. I have an avid gamer that I live with, not only does he play xbox, but he also built his own computer to play computer games, so hes pretty serious about it. And yes his computer has crashed and he has had a meltdown a time or two lol. And I love watching him play video games when I can. The graphics and colors are awesome on the computer! I can see why he wanted to switch. He also watches gameplays on YouTube. 

I know he accepts my hobbies that I like to do as well, so I should accept his. We give each other time each week to be able to do these hobbies while the other is doing homework, at work, or doing their hobbies. Most girls I have talked to say that playing video games are silly or he's not a man or they do not understand. I say well, how many guys do you know that have a Pinterest account? Not many. Men and women are different, we are all going to like different things. And he could have another hobby that I would not like at all, like going to bars or something like that, so I am glad Chad plays video games and does not have some other habit that I would consider bad. 

But, do not think we do not spend time together either. 
We have a special date night where we hang out just the two of us as well, and push homework and hobbies to the side. We do things we enjoy together that night. If we also have more free time from homework for each other during the week we go for a walk or watch TV together. 

I know I am making it out to sound like we are a perfect couple, but we are not. I am getting there, I also have gotten frustrated at the games because they get in the way of some things. I really would like to have a talk with some of the producers (or whatever they're called) of games. Because in order to be accepting of hobbies, you have to understand them fully. Like, for example, you cannot just quit when you want to with some games... but what if you have to be somewhere else right then? Well, you lose points. Silly! They should have a button called, "my wife is getting mad because we need to be somewhere else." 

So, how do I work around this? I am not going to make him stop, because that will not help matters. But, I will tell him about important times we need to be somewhere and we need to be on time. We also have a media curfew, 11pm everything goes off. Sometimes earlier, but thats the final cut off of the night. 

I know that in the future when we have kids this will change in some way especially the having a lot of free time, but I still think we should have some type of free time every week even if its 30 mins to an hr because its just needed, it helps you unwind from stress. 


confessions of a gamer's wife

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