Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I don't wear makeup

I have always dealt with this constant struggle with my whole image, not just my face from time to time but also my body overall. But, it is no wonder because of the constant messages I see saying that thin is in and makeup is the thing. Don't get me wrong I love makeup and I am not saying it is bad to put on, but what if I do not want to put it on just because? should I be judged differently? should I be judged differently if I decide to put it on another day? the answer should be no to both.

In high school, I always wore a little bit of makeup, mainly eyeliner and powder just something to highlight my eyes and that was it. But after high school, school got really hard and I no longer had the time or the urge to use it. So I didn't. Every now and then I do, but when I  do it itches terribly or bothers my contacts to the point of me rubbing it all off. There is just no point in me using it if it makes me uncomfortable is my thoughts.

But I have been criticized because I do not wear it from time to time. Saying if I would put it on, I would look prettier. And that is the problem I have with makeup.

I wanna wear it just because I wanna wear it and make me feel like I took the extra effort because I don't know just because, not because I have to either. I have tried to stress this to others that makeup is just not my thing, but some do not get it.

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