Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The things I do for bread

With school going on every day, Monday thru Friday, I am completely exhausted with life! I only have 33 days left until I get a break but with that 4 wk break will also come boredom from not having hardly anything much to do. But anyways, no updates on my scholarship except the fact that if I do get it, it will affect my workstudy and cause me to work less hours at work, yes it sounds great at first but I still think I will get bored at times so I am hoping for a babysitting gig maybe once a week or a few times a month to help keep me not as bored, yet still be able to get homework done and get good grades.

The main reason I am writing is to tell you all what happened last night in my night class, but let's first back up a little bit... a few weeks ago my teacher brought in some Friendship bread with banana in it and it was amazing so I asked her can I please have the recipe? She kind of said no at first, but then brought it in last night... and now I know why she was a little hesitant. She did not only give me the recipe but also a starter, keep in mind I had no idea of the process.

I came home to read the instructions and found out it took 10 days to make it. What?! I aint got time for that! lol. I also found out that the idea and story behind the title Friendship literally means you make some and then this makes starter packs for friends.. excuse me but I do not have much of any friends currently, and none that definitely want to make some banana friendship bread. The majority of my friendships are one sided right now... meaning I do all the work. Don't get me wrong I love all of my friends but we all are very busy right now in our own little worlds, I feel like I am in limbo at times with all of them.

Gladly, I found a link on how to control my bread and make less for friends and more for me.. thank goodness I found a solution to a problem.

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