Wednesday, September 5, 2012


School has been going on for about 3 weeks now and I am already counting the days till Summer break. No, not Christmas, Summer. Yeah, I know it is awhile away for sure, but I am hopefully going to the beach if it all works out, and me and Chad have not been to the beach together so I think that would be nice. 

Anyways, school has been filled with tons of homework and nonstop busyness. It is not hard homework really, just a lot of it. One of my teachers asked to make a poem based on the template we talked about in class, below is my poem and in parenthesis are the reasons why I put those things. I thought this was a good idea for our class really...

I am from Quilts, from Kit Kats and Mountain Dew. 
I am from the old but warm, cozy apartment.
I am from the tree in the backyard, the daisy on my foot.
I am from fudge and big eyes, from Paula and Flynn and Leigh.
I am from the carefree and close nit.
From eat your vegetables and don’t stress.
I am from youth groups and service to others because we all come from the same place.
I’m from small town, bacon and eggs.
From the slide my cousin had when we were little, the time I fought with him over the slide because I really thought it was mine, and the hardworking Papaw that does not stop for nothing.
I am from underneath my mom’s bed, tons of pictures of the special bond we have and coloring pages. Mother and daughter turned best friends, a thing only a few people can relate to. 

(Quilts = I always use to sleep with a raggedy quilt my great grandma had made for my mom, I still have it and claim its the best. Kit Kats = I use to love these as a kid, and still have cravings from time to time, it reminds me of my grandma's house when we were out at her pool. Mountain Dew = nothing can come between me and MD, I know its bad for you, but I cannot help myself, I love it!)

( I grew up in an apartment, it wasn't nice, but it was ours)

( I used to play around a tree in my backyard, and I have a daisy tattoo on my foot in remembrance of a friend.)

(Fudge = family tradition, Big eyes = my mom has pretty blue eyes, that change colors, mine do the same thing, my dad had big eyes, two things I now have and people love to notice about me. From Paula, Flynn, and Leigh = Paula is my mother's name, Flynn is my maiden name, Leigh is my married name.)

(Carefree and close nit = how my family is.)

(From eat your vegetables and don't stress = I was a daycare kid, yes born and raised, I guess that is what helped me a lot as far as being an only child, and these were the things they use to say to me.)

(Youth groups and service to others = I loved church growing up, and still do today. I was big time involved in youth group and loved every moment of it. And service to others means to me helping others as much as possible, the social worker in me.) 

(Small town, Bacon and eggs = I really am from a small town, and bacon and eggs were a tradition between my grandma and I when I was little.)

(Slide = I really did fight my cousin for the slide at his house, because I had one just like it at my house and I thought he had took it, I was so mad I pulled the thing on top of me. Yes, we have it on video. Papaw = a great man that never stops at anything from work to love.) 

(Underneath the bed = where all the memories and pictures from the past are, it really was just me and my mommy for as long as I can remember and we really did become best friends, we were all each other had.)


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