Wednesday, April 11, 2012

it seems as if everything is working against me

Hello everyone, this quote hits hard today and hits home a ton. Today, has not been a good day, it all started at 8am and I had to get blood work done today, because of abdomen pain we are not sure of the cause yet, so the dr wanted me to get blood work done to see the next step. 

I was okay with that until we stopped right in the middle because she thought I looked a little pale, it all went downhill from there. I had to lie down, and was sweating like a pig and felt like I was going to be sick. In the end, it took three pokes, two in my arms and one on my head to get three tubes. 

I later heard they only needed two tubes and that would have only meant one poke. Nice. 

After classes, and xrays I decided I would study for the test I have tonight. Took a break to check out Financial Aid things, because if you do not know this, it is changing to where you can only get grants 12 terms. 

Most people say that's plenty. 6 years. Yeah it is. But, stupid me, went to a private school the first time for a couple of years and none of my credits transferred to my current college. The Financial Aid does not know how many times I have received it and told me to call FAFSA. They don't know either. 

She even said wow. You should be done by now. Why is it the people that are suppose to have human service jobs, the ones that think everyone deserves a chance to have a better life than what they have... are usually not those kind of people. I think there should be a personality test for every career and see if you really are cut out for it. 

Because I am trying my hardest to get done and help others and I have been through so many battles I think that is why I want to help others so much, shouldn't I have a way to give back?

I am not asking for money, I understand. I just want clarity, I want to know when I will need to look for other resources. 


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