Wednesday, April 18, 2012

home is wherever i am with you

this is the picture that filled the empty space on our bookshelf frame that was empty from christmas!
I love the saying because it is so true for me and chad! he first said that it would probably be harder for me to get a job with my major so whenever I found a job, wherever that may be that's where we would go, and he would find a job there. 

Most guys won't do that. Most do not even want to move even a little bit. 

Now my major is changed though, but I do not know if it will be harder or easier for either of us to find a job or not or where that might be, but to know he is willing to do whatever is an awesome feeling. 

He also is at times more patient than I am. Monday, I about broke my camera. Stupid me, put the battery in the wrong way. I started panicking because I could not get it come back out. 

I woke chad up from his nap, and told him. he said go get the phillips screws and I'll take it apart and see if I can't get it out. He did. it took awhile. but he did it. all he said was aren't you glad I like to tinker with things. 

No fussing at me. I didn't think he would anyways but I thought he would get frustrated like I did with the camera. But he didn't 

ttyl-ut-i have a keeper

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